Visit to Starter Space at the University of Florida

Mosley Ventures saw pitches from 10 different companies at the Gainesville FL based incubator Starter Space on March 12th. We were very impressed with the culture and atmosphere at the incubator. Had a very strong West Coast feel to it and really liked how their old downtown building that was once an old Firestone tire store. Can’t wait to go back!

Their Mission
A community of talented entrepreneurs. Where makers, designers and doers get their start. It’s not a traditional coworking space, it’s a collective. A unique platform for collaboration and experimentation. We challenge untapped talent to bring ideas to life through community, curriculum and capital.

Their Story
Every almost-entrepreneur has said, “I can’t do this.” Without the support of a community, their ideas get lost to the wind. Emma is a pre-med student, but has a passion for writing. Can she create her own digital media platform? Marie is a nurse with 30 years of healthcare experience and an idea that she patented 10 years ago but never knew what to do with it. Can she change the healthcare industry forever? Holly is a graphic designer with a passion for collaboration. Can she build a community of creatives to work together?As members of Starter Space, the answer is yes. These women and many others have used the resources and community provided by the incubator as the tools to drive them past the insecurities that kill dreams into a mind-set where they are enabled to take the business to the next level.

At Starter Space we’re on a mission to challenge untapped talent to bring their ideas to life. Will you join us?